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21/04/18: XenoView update (v. is released.

New in this version:
1. Added import/export procedures for DFTB+ structure files (*.gen) and MOPAC structure files (*.mop, *.arc);
2. Added new structure multiplication routine for building large structures from a unit cell (correctly handles bonds across the PBC boundaries);
3. Minor bug fixes.

To install the latest version, check for updates using Help->Updates menu option.

Downloading and installing XenoView program assumes that you have read and accepted all terms of license agreement.

Online installer is here. It will download and install the latest version (recommended option).

The size of standalone zipped package is about 11 Mb. To download, click here.

The plugin for opening MOPAC structure files (*.mop, *.arc) is here.

The plugin for opening DFTB+ structure files (*.gen) is here.

The plugin for XYZ structure files (*.xyz) is here.

Plugin must be placed in the root XenoView installation folder.

If you have questions about downloading or installing XenoView, please contact

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